Integrated Beekeeping Project at Buyuni Village, Bagamoyo in Coast Region.

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We are a newly established business with big ambitions. These ambitions are premised upon 2 competitive advantages internationally and locally.

  • Internationally, we are located in typical beekeeping country, free of any pollution and capable of producing honey and related products all year around. Our conducive climate, easy access to markets, prime location and professional contacts enable us to supply any products to any corner of the EA Region as well as the SADC Region and beyond.
  • Locally, we have a large farm that can be tailored to meet any level of production. Lack of a developed apiculture industry means that we can develop new products such as queen rearing without additional cost in equipments. We can also introduce new lines of business such as contract pollination for the largely untapped commercial farming in Tanzania and the EA Region.

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Our aim is to begin small but to begin now. As we gain experience and establish a trackrecord, we shall stand ready to serve any markets with any quantities of desired products.

The Mission of the company is to produce, process and market high quality organic honey and other bee products to meet client demands while giving value-for-money, in an inclusive business model that benefit the company, employees and stakeholders.

Buyuni REDD Farms Ltd's Vision is that of being "The Leading Beekeeping Inclusive Business in Tanzania and the EA Region".


Pwani, Tanzania
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