Our farm and production centre

Located at Buyuni, 9 kilometres from the Dar es Salaam Morogoro Highway some 80 kilometres from Dar es Salaam Port, we are within reach of all market access routes. The farm is self sufficiently supplied with basic establishment infrastructures such as running water; solar power; property, plant and transport equipment; a workshop-cum-store; a rest room; staff quarters and a demonstration/selling shop.

Students from the Sokione University of Agricluture in nearby Morogoro and other training centres on apiculture and general forestry are always welcome for their professional studies, apprenticeshop, and field work. Dar es Salaam, Kibaha, Bagamoyo and Morogoro residents are free to enjoy a weekend visit for resting andrecreation as they enjoy our honey and related products.


Photo gallery: Buyuni REDD farms fp

Google Map: Location of Buyuni farms