Buyuni Outgrowers Association - "ASALI BUYUNI"

Buyuni Outgrowers Association ("Wafugaji wa Nyuki Buyuni" – "ASALI BUYUNI" for short) is an entity that has been established to provide the missing link between the rural communities in Buyuni and the commercial world outside, in terms of linkages to markets, extension services, organisational skills, and access to modern financial systems. The Value Chain of modern agriculture – in this case the production and marketing of organic honey – requires that all links of the chain are strong. ASALI BUYUNI is a key component of the Value Chain, potentially its weakest link, and the aim of this initiatives is to formalize and strengthen the Chain.


BRF's inclusive business model has led to its sponsoring and championing of the Buyuni Outgrowers Association as its corporate intervention in bringing the rural farmers of Buyuni and surrounding villages into the modern economy. This is part of Tanzania's development initiatives in the Southern Agricultural Corridor ("SAGCOT") program. The Villagers of Buyuni and the surrounding villages are a key link in the Value Chain envisaged by BRF.

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